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February 23, 2007



The first one I visited was in Florida and it had a "Deliverance" kind of ambiance - but those waffles and hashes...hmmm good!

Scott in Longmont

I am wondering what your hashbrowns were covered and smothered with and why they were so scattered. Sounds very mysterious to me. I guess I better try a WH sometime. There is more than one???

Carol Ann

All I am saying is that I'm concerned, very concerned. :-)


My guess is that Waffle House can kick Village Inn's Butt!


The Waffle House... mmmmmm... a fond memory from my days in the South. Sean is a food snob, so no Waffle House when he's around, but I love it! Scattered, covered, smothered, chunked, topped AND diced.

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