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September 22, 2006



From a limited perspective as a stepparent who wears handcuffs...we didn't think it was necessary before high school because typically they aren't anywhere where you aren't or won't be soon to pick them up - and they don't need the distraction while learning good study habits in middle school (eh eh). However, The Mother did what she wanted anyway and got our 13 year old one. It gets used when her mother needs a fix...we tell her to leave it at her mom's house when she comes to ours. So my vote is: No.

Jenny Freyta

That is so funny! I love reading things like that. I remember for my "generation" it was all about pagers. But I didn't get one until I was 17. I felt so cool when I did though.


Just a gentle reminder from your loving sister. When you were younger than Calvin Mom had you wired with a Walkie Talkie to keep track of your whereabouts!

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