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May 21, 2006


Joel Frederick

I've been there. I think I only took 3 or 4 trips to the hardware store.


Bravo! I'm encouraged that you persevered. I have been "redoing" our downstairs bathroom for about a year and a half now. I want a custom professional job, but refused to bring a professional.

Scott in Longmont

I have taken on some nasty projects before, but installing our new dishwasher last year was not one of them. I think the installation by the professionals only cost $50. Maybe I shouldn't have mentioned that...


Dude, what were you thinking? You don't need this aggravation in your life. Always resource my friend!

Stop thinking that you can do these projects on your own. You will make me look bad.


Following Rob's comments... it's okay to "look bad" when we get a dishwasher, please don't install it for us --- hire professionals.

I remember when Rob and I tried to connect cable from one floor to another in our old house. 17 holes in the basement ceiling and several holes in our bedroom floor later...toothpaste stuffed holes don't look that bad when you add a little touch up paint!

And, Dave, ask Rob about putting in our water heater...I had to find out where our paperwork was "just in case" the house blew up...Ron Richmond and Rob twisted some kind of gas coil thing until I thought it would was scary.

I think you and Rob should both stick to writing!


It took my husband and a friend 9 hours of soldering, 1 roll solder, 9 hours without water in the house trying to put in the water line to our fridge when they figured out that the piece the hardware dude sold them was 1 mm too big. Why 9 hours, I don't know....

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